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    Hummus chickpea pureé, tahini(sesame paste), lemon juice, garlic 4.99
    Baba Ghanouj smoked eggplant,tahini, extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice, garlic 5.99
    Labneh thick yogurt, extra virgin olive oil, olives,dried mint 4.99
    Tabbouleh chopped parsley, cracked wheat, tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, radishes, fresh mint, extra virgin extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice, sumac 4.99
    Falafel (4) garbanzo beans,herbs, exotic spices, vegetables, taratour 4.99
    Kibbeh lean beef, bulgur wheat,stued with (beef, lamb, onions, pine nuts) 2.99
    Cheese Fingers mixture of meditarrenean cheeses 2.99
    Roasted Potatoes 3.99
    Sauteed Vegetables 4.49
    Grape Leaves Meat (4) rice, ground beef, onions, tomatoes 3.99
    Grape Leaves Meatless (4) rice, vegetables, extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice 3.99
    Spanakopita spinach, onion, feta cheese, baked in philo 2.59
    Meat Pies Ground beef and spices 2.99
    Cabbage Rolls (3) spiced rice and beef 3.99
    Mujadrah “Lentil Stew” green lentils, rice, onions, tomatoes, cucumbers 4.99
    Mousaka“Eggplant Stew” eggplant, onions, chick peas, stewed tomatoes 5.99
    Stewed green beans 4.99
    Lentil Soup 4.49
    Fried Cauliower 4.49
    Fried Eggplant 4.49


    Greek Salad lettuce,tomatoes, cucumbers, house balsamic vinaigrette sml 4.99 lg 7.99
    ADD Chicken Shawarma sml 7.99 lg 9.99
    ADD beef & lamb Gyro sml 7.99 lg 9.99
    Falafel Salad sml 7.99 lg 9.99


    (all wraps served with hummus, greek salad and pita)
    Chicken Shawarma 8.59
    Beef & Lamb Gyro 8.59
    Falafel 8.59
    Halloumi 8.59
    Vegetarian 8.59
    Kafta Kabob 8.59


    (all platters served with hummus, greek salad, rice pilaf and pita)
    Chicken Shawarma Chicken breast marinated re roasted 9.99
    Beef & Lamb Gyro re roasted 9.99
    Shawarma & Gyro Combination 10.99
    Baked Chicken half chicken, baked, meditarrenean herbs and spices 11.99
    Kafta Kabob blend of beef, parsley, onions, meditarrenean spices, grilled 11.99
    Chicken Kabob Chicken breast, marinated, grilled 11.99
    Beef Kabob Beef tenderloin, marinated, grilled 12.99
    Combination Kabob choose two of your favorite kabobs 12.99
    Daily Special ask us about our daily specials 12.99
    Vegetarian Platter (your choice of four items)Hummus, baba ghanouj, tabbouleh, grape leaves, greek salad, rice pilaf, fried eggplant, fried cauliower, spanakopita, stewed green beans, eggplant stew, mujadra 10.99


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