• New Orleans Info

  • New Orleans Info

    Thank you for choosing to eat with us at Byblo's in New Orleans! We pride ourselves on catering to local customers and visitors alike.  For those of you who are new to New Orleans, we've put together a vistors guide below for you to follow. If you need any other recommendations while you're in town, just ask your waiter!

    Popular Attractions

    New Orleans is full of fun things to do. Here are a couple of activities that we recommend:

    Walk around Jackson Square; its' the perfect place to pick up that New Orleans vibe.  Many artists hang out there, drawing and selling their work. There are street performers on just about every corner, which is always entertaining. Jackson Square is also where St. Louis Cathedral is located, which is one of New Orleans' most recognizable structures.  

    Take a leisurly cruise down the Mississippi River on the Steamboat Natchez.  No matter where you are in the French Quarter, you can hear the Steamboat Natchez's horn toot and caliope play as it comes in and out of its port. The steamboat offers cruises throughout the day, and even seves meals and drinks. On board is a live jazz band and a guide that will point out some interesting sights on the river and shore.

    Visit the Audubon Zoo or Aquarium of the Americas.  Both are top-notch attractions.  Although the zoo is located in Uptown and the aquarium is located near the riverfront, both are extremely close to good restaurants and shopping.

    More New Orleans attractions.

    Places to Stay

    Let's face it: Some hotels are suited for families, some are suited for couples, some are suited for business trips, and some are great for solo trips just to get away. There are so many hotels in New Orleans, that it can be difficult to choose which one to stay in. Even when you do choose one, you never really know how good it is until you get there, unless you know someone local.  

    BestNewOrleansHotels.com is a group of locals that put together a list of hotels they would recommend to their own friends and family.  You can even book your room through the website, and discover some hotels that you may not have found on your own. 

    Night Life

    The night life in New Orleans is legendary, and for good reason. There many great bars, night clubs and live music venues in this city. Each place has its own unique personality, and many visitors hop from venue to venue throughout the night. 

    Deciding which places to spend your time in can be overwhelming, which is why we suggest taking a look at NewOrleansLateNight.com, which is lists some of the best after-dark spots in the city. It'll help you narrow down your options, and there's really not a bad spot listed. 

    Things to do with kids

    New Orleans isn't just for adults.  Thousands of families come to the Big Easy for family vacations every year, and see many of them in our restaurant.  If you're looking for other things to do with children though, check out NewOrleansKids.com, where you'll find kid friendly attractions and tours.  They even list some free activities for families to do in the city. 


    No matter what month you decide to visit New Orleans, one thing is a given - there will be some kind of event happening.  This calendar of events breaks down all of the major events with descriptions, dates, and if they cost anything to attend. 

    Pro tip: If you're planning on attending an outdoor event in the summer, be sure to bring sunscreen, a hat, and an umbrella. It gets warm, and New Orleans is known for its frequent, brief mid-day showers.