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  • Named for the ancient Phoenician settlement and believed to be the oldest continuously-inhabited city in the world, Byblos Mediterranean Cuisine offers a dining experience that combines international flavors with a warm ambiance. Ancient cultures—from the Romans and Greeks, to the Crusaders and modern-day Lebanese— have all added their savory spices and specialty meats to forge a cuisine unique in the world. Byblos offers the largest selection of specialty lamb dishes in the city; featuring kabobs, chops and racks, along with fresh, house-made hummus, Schwarma and seafood dishes. Byblos Mediterranean Cuisine has introduced the coastal

    Mediterranean dining experience into the culinary consciousness of New Orleans with its four locations, all which bring a new and unique dining experience to its customers.

    Our Locations

    Old Metairie

    1501 Metairie Rd.
    (504) 834-9773

    Byblos Market

    2020 Veterans Blvd.
    (504) 837-9777

    Lakeside Mall

    3301 Veterans Blvd.
    (504) 830-7333